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  • Frequently Asked Questions when Purchasing a Dental Practice

    This article focuses on frequently asked questions by dentists with respect to purchasing an existing practice. Many of the points discussed also apply to starting a practice from scratch.

  • Forms of Business Organization

    Before starting a business, you must consider the legal form that you wish to carry on business. This article discusses some of the legal characteristics of a sole proprietorship, a partnership, and a corporation.

  • Buying or Selling A Business

    Purchasing or selling a business can be an exciting time. If it is not done properly, it can also be a difficult and expensive experience. The keys to making the transaction successful are discussed in this article.

  • Professionals to Assist in the Purchase and Sale of a Business

    To properly complete a purchase or sale of a business, you will need to obtain professional advice as early as possible from the following: (1) lawyer, (2) real estate agent, (3) accountant, (4) bank manager, (5) anyone else who has knowledge about the business such as a business evaluator, insurance agent, engineer, architect, or consultant.

  • How a Shareholders' Agreement can Protect a Shareholder

    This article will be of interest to shareholders of small private corporations and where often some shareholders also act as directors or officers of the corporation.

  • Using A Computer Development/Consulting Agreement

    This article is intended for computer consulting and computer programming companies. In addition, anyone who retains the services of a computer consultant or computer programmer will also find this article of interest and can easily adapt the material to their perspective.

  • Have You Signed a Partnership Agreement?

    A "partnership" exists when two or more persons (individuals or corporations) carry on business in common with a view to a profit. Learn how a written partnership agreement can work for your particular business and potentially save you money, aggravation, disappointment, and failure of the partnership.

  • Is Your Business Protected from Your Employees?

    Learn how a written employment agreement can work for your business and potentially save you money, aggravation, disappointment, and business failure as a result of former employees stealing clients, competing with you, or disclosing trade-secrets or confidential business information to others.

  • Ontario Government Dissolving Ontario Companies for Failure to File Special Notice

    If your Ontario corporation has neglected to file its Special Notice it is likely that your company has been or will be automatically dissolved by the government.

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