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Ontario Government Dissolving Ontario Companies for Failure to File Special Notice

by: Peter Cusimano, B.Sc., LL.B.; Toronto Business Lawyer

In 1992 the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations mailed Special Notices to all Ontario corporations in order to update the government's records regarding each corporation. Since 1992 the government has required each corporation to file an Annual Return with respect to its corporate information such as names of directors, officers, and business address.

If your corporation has neglected to file its Special Notice or any of the Annual Returns with the Ministry of Consumer & Commercial Relations, it is likely that your company has been or will be automatically dissolved by the government.

The dissolution of your corporation has very significant legal implications. Most importantly, if you are a director or officer you may be personally liable for your corporation's debts and liabilities since the date of dissolution.

Peter Cusimano can assist you to take immediate steps to revive your corporation if you suspect that your company has been dissolved by the government for failure to file the required forms.

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