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Commitment to You

I believe that every purchaser of legal services is entitled to certain fundamental rights and privileges when working with a lawyer. My "charter of client rights" identifies the superior quality of service that I will provide to you.

Charter of Client Rights

I will...

  • Return my client's phone calls and messages as soon as possible
  • Provide you with timely service
  • Hold in strict confidence all information concerning your business
  • Provide you with reasonable and clear fee structure
  • Provide you with honest and candid advice
  • Explain the law and your options to you
  • Answer your questions clearly
  • Listen to you
  • Treat you with friendliness & respect
  • Deliver high quality service
  • Understand the nature of your business
  • Explain my fees & disbursements
  • Provide you with all correspondence that I send or receive for you
  • Develop and explain to you an action plan for your legal matter
  • Keep you informed of the progress of your legal matter
  • Work in conjunction with you & your accountant & financial insitution
  • Introduce you to accountants, financial institutions, business planners, and business evaluators

Revised: November 11, 2015.
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