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Dentistry Professional Corporations for Dentists in Ontario:

Annual Renewal of the Certificate of Authorization issued by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) for Dentistry Professional Corporations in Ontario

I deal with many dentists on a regular basis as my clients, helping them with the legal aspects of their dentistry practice.

If you are a dentist in Ontario who operates under a Dentistry Professional Corporation, my office is able to provide the following legal services regarding your Dentistry Professional Corporation:

  1. Annual Renewal of the Certificate of Authorization issued by the RCDSO.

  2. Obtaining of the "Certificate of Status".

  3. Completion of the Application for the Annual Renewal.

  4. Attending at your office for completion of the Statutory Declaration.

  5. Filing of all documents with the RCDSO.

  6. Dealing with the RCDSO in case of any issues or problems with the Application for Renewal.

  7. Reporting back to you upon receipt of the renewed Certificate of Authorization.

If you are in the greater Toronto area, as part of my service I will attend at your office if it is more convenient for you. I can meet with you either in the morning before office hours or in the evening. If it is more convenient to meet on a Saturday, let me know and I will make arrangements.

To get started, contact me. If you send an email, provide the following information:

  • Dentist name
  • Practice Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Renewal Date of Certificate

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