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Fee Structure

I know you have an interest in what my legal services will cost you. I make it a policy to discuss fees with you at our initial meeting.

Being consistent with my philosophy to treat others as I would like to be treated I charge fees that are fair and reasonable. A fair and reasonable fee depends upon and reflects such factors as time and effort required and spent and the complexity of the matter. There may be unforseen factors and facts beyond my control which may require more time and legal services than initially anticipated.

My fees are initally calculated on the basis of time spent and then adjusted to reflect other factors. Disbursements (e.g.: courier, government and filing fees, etc.) will be charged separately. Taxes will be added (13% HST).

You will be charged for the time spent on all telephone calls and emails to and from my office. When you call please have your questions ready and documents with you.

Payments Options

I accept payment of your invoice by either cheque or money order or credit card.

Ask Questions

I recommend that you ask me at our initial meeting about my fees so that there will be no misunderstanding.

Revised: November 11, 2015.
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